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Our professional work doesn’t end after the pool construction or renovations are over. You can rely on Liquid Renovations for everything that comes afterward as well, namely repair and maintenance. Even the best swimming pool will only hold up and last long if it’s well maintained, and hiring us for pool servicing in Charleston, SC, is the easiest way to go about keeping yours that way. We’ve worked with pools for decades and know exactly what they need and how to provide it. Pool maintenance from us will keep your go-to hangout spot in good shape through every season, so you and your friends and family can swim whenever you like. We work hard to find affordable solutions for every need so you can enjoy your pool to its fullest potential. Although we do not specialize in solar and geo-thermal solutions we do have companies we subcontract with to provide those services.

About Our Service

You can count on us for all of your monthly cleaning, vacuuming, and pool maintenance needs. We put our many years of experience to use for you in order to regulate the water quality for the best swimming experience. We never sell you something you don’t need but will often recommend the best upgrades to make your swimming pool more enjoyable and efficient. Pool servicing should be done at least every few years to prevent problems. If this is neglected, you could end up with much more expensive, time-consuming, and complicated issues. Any time you notice an unsightly crack, a leak, or something else that isn’t right, call us right away. We have all of the resources needed to fix it fully and quickly.

The Importance of Pool Maintenance

A clean pool is essential both for cosmetic and health reasons… the problems that can arise from neglected maintenance aren’t always obvious. The wrong chemical levels can turn the water green or spread algae and germs through the water until it becomes a breeding ground for these nuisances. Then there’s the disturbing thought of your guests, especially small children, treating your pool like a toilet. Naturally this makes the water unsanitary. Our business is here to stop these issues from impacting your pool so that it’s always a clear, clean, and safe place to be. We’re confident that you’ll see this service as one that pays for itself. Leave the work of having a pool to the pros while you enjoy the fun part. We’ll be glad to get started after you contact our company.

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