Full-Service Pool Renovations in Charleston, SC

Like any other part of a house or building, swimming pools need a little or a lot of help to look and perform at their best. Liquid Renovations can fix that with our full-service pool renovations in Charleston, SC. Swimming pool upgrades like tiling, decking, and Plastering is your chance to put some personality into your backyard and more specifically into your pool. We can help with the mechanical problems like equipment changes, plumbing and electrical repairs to provide a more effective and functional pool. We can also do functional work on the plumbing and electrical systems for better performance.

Our residential and commercial renovations are similar to our pool construction services in that we can do everything from start to finish. We’re experienced experts in designing and upgrading outdated pool areas and improving functionality in the process. Many problems start with the design and layout and spread from there giving the customer a yard they cannot enjoy. Plus, this is an opportunity to fix any problems your pool might have, such as cracks. That, in turn, can help your home’s structural integrity, because it prevents water from leaking out of the pool and into your soil.

Reasons to Update

Our residential and commercial renovation service have more advantages than just cosmetic ones. Replacing old and inefficient filtration systems with new variable speed pumps that are energy efficient will save you money. These variable speed pumps offer a different setting to regulate the flow rate and efficiency to overturn the correct amount of water through your circulation period every day. We can convert your current chlorine chemical system to a new saltwater system that eliminates the chlorine odor, burning eyes, and the problem of blonde hair turning Green. These swimming pool upgrades will undoubtedly make your pool more popular with guests.

There’s also the hard truth that even with constant maintenance, pools don’t last forever. Our full-service pool renovations can serve as a much more affordable alternative to replacement, particularly when upgraded amenities are factored in. We can extend the lifespan of your pool and get it performing much better too.

A New Pool Without the High Price

Pool renovation services like ours give your yard the look and feel of a new pool without paying the high cost it would require. We’re highly experienced in pool design and can make your preferences fit nicely with the rest of your yard. Whether your property is residential or commercial, both it and you will receive the same top-notch service that our customers have come to expect over the years.

An outdated pool can drag down your whole property. Allowing us to provide swimming pool upgrades would benefit your home or business, your guests, and you in myriad ways.


A few simple changes can turn your pool from dated to dazzling. Contact us to bring these to your yard.

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