Pool Plastering Services in Charleston, SC

Plaster is the swimming pools final coating that aids in waterproofing the pool and adds final cosmetic touch needed to finish the project. Its available in a wide variety of colors and finishes from quartz, pebble, and polished finishes that the Liquid Renovations team is equipped to recommend and install in Charleston, SC.

Our residential and commercial plastering crews can provide all of the advice and professional recommendations you need in addition to our skills and equipment. Even if you’ve selected a designer or general contractor, you can still hire us for design and functionality help. All plaster is different and provide different pros and cons. We want you to love your pool and are willing to confer with you as long as it takes to find a material that’s right.

Quartz, Pebble & Polish Plastering

Polish Finish and Acid WashQuartz is similar to pebble but smaller, and it comes in many colors and is slip resistant. Our master pool plastering services enhance its ability to withstand even the harshest weather and pool chemicals. In fact, the only mineral tougher than quartz is diamonds. Under the right conditions, this material makes a rainbow of colorful crystals that sparkle just like diamonds in the sunlight.

We can apply this to your pool so that it looks like it was always meant to be there. Between this invaluable material and your pool’s gorgeous blue color, the whole place will truly have the look of a hidden gem.

Polished finishes also display a colorful appearance that hold up, along with a granite or quartz countertop look and feel to it. The polish that is applied next day after install, locks in the surface making it more difficult for chemicals to penetrate and ruin. Plaster of any finish is only as good as your water quality. This finish is a perfect place for bare feet and small children, no more blisters on the feet.

Contact our associates for a strong finish to your pool’s plaster. We gladly bring these to local South Carolina residents.

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